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Un jour, tout sera parfait...
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A place for everyone with mental health issues to come.
The Comm
The rules
This community was created by me (gublers). I thought I’d create this community for everyone who has a mental disorder, personality disorder, self-injurers, etc, so ppl can have a nice place to discuss what can be hard to talk about sometimes. I created this community because i haven’t found a place like that; a place where self-injury and mental health disorders and all of that was mixed up into one comm.
You can ask question, vent, discuss anything, post pictures etc...

I really hope you find everything you need in insidemy_mind
If you are suicidal please call 1-800-suicide begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800-suicide      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, and/or visit this page.
Please post all pictures/triggering text/too long post behind a cut.
I’d love it if you could respect the tags; it’ll be easier for people to browse through the entries later.
Do not judge/say anything hurtful to anyone. Srsly, that’s lame.
Please no huge colourful text. It can be aggressive.
If you want to promote something, please ask the mods first.
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